Can’t See Bangla??

Hmm! I think you are here facing problem with visiting bangla site . All the contents of this site is in unicode (UTF-8) format . If you don’t have support for unicode then you can’t see the contents . You have to install that … lets do it , it is quiet easy .

System with unicode: If you are using linux or unix type system them it is not needed to install anything as it is pre-installed there . Unicode system is also pre-installed in Windows seven / Windows vista , but users may face usability problem with the font “vindra” for its size . PLease jump to the Font Fixing .

System without unicode: Maximum users are using Windows XP as their OS . As unicode is not pre-installed in XP , user have to do that . For that purpose OmicronLab team has published an tool called “iComplex” which will install unicode support for your pc . Download it from here : iComplex – Complex Script Installer .
After downloading run it from your pc and restart system after installation .

Font Fixing: In Windows “vindra” is the default font for bangla . But the size of vindra is very small and it is not enough clear . There is a nice font called SulaimanLipi . Now we are going to make that our default font .
Download SulaimanLipi from here : SulaimanLipi . Copy it to Windows->Font folder .
Download FontFixer From here : FontFixer . It is a small tool to make any bangla font default system wide .

  • Open FontFixer .
  • From drop-down menu select SulaimanLipi and check two boxes and click “Fix it” Button.
  • After restart you will get a clear and nice font .

আশা করি আপনি এখন বাংলা ঠিকঠাক মত দেখতে পাচ্ছেন । আমার এই ক্ষুদ্র জগতে আপনাকে স্বাগতম জানাই ।


6 comments on “Can’t See Bangla??

  1. পলাশ চন্দ বলেছেন:

    জামাল ভাই জোশশ……।
    আমি এখন বাংলা লিখতে পারি, ওয়াও………।

  2. অদ্ভুত বলেছেন:

    না ভাই এটা ঠিক না, সাইটে লেখেন উবুন্তু নিয়ে আর দিয়েছেন উইন্ডোজে বাংলা দেখার সফট, উবুন্তুর জন্য একটি দিন না….

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